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Patient Experience Tip for October

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The goal of the Patient Experience Tip of the Month is to be a resource to Jersey Shore’s Medical Staff on the subject of Patient Experience. All tips feature industry standard and/or peer reviewed best practices and tools to help support building strong relationships with your patients based upon compassion, respect, and trust. All tips are reviewed by Patient Experience Champions, Dr. Mohamed Bakr and Dr. Anasuya Brahmamdam, and will actively solicit proven techniques and recommendations from your own colleagues to help share proven success stories. 

October 2019 Tip of the Month: Commit to Sit

Clinicians often don’t have the time they would like to spend with patients due to heavy case loads. Our patients may perceive that the physician was rushed, or did not spend enough time explaining their assessment and plan of care.

Try sitting at the patient bedside to conduct the conversation. This brings the clinician eye level with the patient, creates the perception that the focus and attention is completely on the patient, and can lead the patient to overestimate the time that was spent with them (up to 30% in studies). Please consider sitting bedside to help support the therapeutic bond with your patients!


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