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Southern Region Epic Highlights: October 16

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Epic Highlights of the Day

Today’s Go Live Reminders

Requiring Diagnosis Code for Outpatient Procedures

When entering orders for outpatient procedures, the field specifying diagnosis codes will be required. This field will now be a hard stop for all users who place outpatient orders such as front desk staff and physicians. (Change does not impact ED physicians or other ED team members).

Dictating Intraop Neurophysiologic Monitoring Study

All neurologists who dictate an Intraop Neurophysiologic monitoring study should use work type 04 (Op Note) when dictating this study and provide the CSN as the patient identifier. Prior to Epic, neurologists used work type 55 (neurodiagnostics) which now requires an order number from Epic and is used for EEGs, EMGs, and PFTs.

Using Order Panels for Imaging and Contrasting

For one-click ordering, panels have been designed for radiology orders requiring contrast. It is important to understand that these order panels have facility-specific contrast orders associated with the radiology studies. Please keep these facility-specific contrast medications in mind when ordering.

If adding these order panels to your preferences, ensure you’ve updated your “Personalized Name” to include the name of the facility the order panel is associated with.

Review the Orders: Ordering Imaging with Contrast by Order Panel Knowledge Builder for more information.

Ordering Blood Products

Use the Blood Product Ordering and Transfusion Order Set for blood bank testing. The Order Set includes the Type and Screen order by default, which replaces the Group and Rh order used in Soarian.

Review the Blood Products Ordering Knowledge Builder for more information.

Managing Your InBasket

In order to provide the best patient care and provider efficiency, you will need to check your InBasket at least once a day. The InBasket is the center for all your working and worked items as well as communications from colleagues, lab, and clerical staff. Everything comes through your InBasket including dictation for review, radiology results, lab results, prescription requests from clinical staff, CDI queries from HIM, and encounters for you to review and approve.

If you would like additional providers in your group to review results of if you are going to be out of office, you can assign delegates through InBasket to allow more Providers to see your communications.

Review the Top Efficiency Tips Quick Start Guide for detailed instruction and more information.

New HMH Provider Numbers

With the Epic go live on October 13, most providers who are new Epic users at HMH have a new, 6-digit HMH Provider Number to use for dictation and telephone orders.   

If you do not know your new HMH Provider Number, please contact your local Medical Staff Office: 

Providers may also contact the Help Desk at (848) 237-3333 or ext. 3333 internally to retrieve their new numbers.

Providers who are current Epic users at HMH facilities should use their existing HMH Provider Number. 

New Facility Codes For Dictation

Note that the two-digit facility codes used for dictation will change with the Epic Go Live. 

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Set Up Your Learning Home Dashboard

The Learning Home Dashboard is your one stop shop for Knowledge Builders and other reference material. Be sure to set up your Learning Home Dashboard from within Hyperspace.

Flash Alerts Issued:

The following flash alerts have been issued since go live on October 13. Visit the Epic Resource Center Wave 3 Go Live page for these and other go live communications.

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The following new Knowledge Builders were published since go live. View these and other educational materials on your Epic Learning Home Dashboard.

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