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Raritan Bay Old Bridge Opens New Inpatient Diagnostic Imaging Suite

Emergency MedicineImaging and RadiologyRaritan Bay Medical Center

What you need to know

Raritan Bay Medical Center Old Bridge recently unveiled a new inpatient diagnostic imaging suite.

The new suite features larger rooms and a brand new state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) scanner and X-ray machine. The new, self-contained suite is part of the hospital’s new Emergency Department.  

The new inpatient diagnostic imaging suite at Raritan Bay Medical Center Old Bridge provides the most advanced care for all radiology needs. The new CT scanner is a multi-detector scanner, which provides vivid, three- dimensional imaging for diagnosing numerous medical conditions. The technology is especially helpful for angiography, or vascular studies, allowing many patients to avoid more invasive diagnostic procedures.

In addition, the new X-ray machine is a digital, low-radiation machine that provides imaging of the head, neck, chest, spine, pelvis, extremities and abdomen.

New inpatient CT scanner at Raritan Bay Medical Center Old Bridge Emergency Department

Revitalization project

Raritan Bay Medical Center Old Bridge is currently undergoing a major revitalization with a $39 million investment expanding its Emergency Department. The new diagnostic imaging suite is part of that transformation.