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K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital Welcomes New Pediatric Specialists

K. Hovnanian Children's HospitalPediatrics

K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital welcomes new pediatric specialists Marian Khrizman, D.O., pediatric neurologist; Marianna Nicoletta Gentile, D.O., pediatric endocrinologist; Anna Carmela Gironella, M.D., pediatric rheumatologist and Reena Jethva, M.D., pediatric geneticist to the team.

Marian Khrizman, D.O., specializes in treating pediatric migraines with Botox as well as pediatric tics. She has several publications and presentations, most recently on migraine management for the primary care pediatrician, hypomelanosis of Ito, and journal club on autism and epilepsy.

Marian Khrizman, D.O., pediatric neurologist

Marianna Nicoletta Gentile, D.O., has extensive training in pediatric obesity. She is passionate about encouraging children to eat healthy and be active with the entire family. She works closely with families on the importance of reading and comprehending food labels, packing children’s lunch and daily exercise.

Marianna Nicoletta Gentile, D.O., pediatric endocrinologist

Anna Carmela Gironella, M.D., has extensive experience treating children with rheumatologic conditions – whether it be autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, or conditions causing pain in muscles, joints, or connective tissues. She will be leading the pediatric rheumatology team

Anna Carmela Gironella, M.D., pediatric rheumatologist

Reena Jethva, M.D., offers the most advanced pediatric genetic testing in the region at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital, providing evaluation, diagnosis and genetic treatment for children. With seamless access to the pediatric genetics clinic at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, patients have access to clinical trials.

Reena Jethva, M.D., pediatric geneticist

Dr. Khrizman, Dr. Gentile, Dr. Gironella and Dr. Jethva are all located on the 5th floor of HOPE Tower.