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Thomas J. Bader, M.D., MBA

Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer at Hackensack Meridian Health

Updated: May 24, 2022

Thomas J. Bader, M.D., MBA, senior vice president & chief clinical officer at Hackensack Meridian Health, recently received UHF’s 2022 Excellence in Health Care Award. He was one of 73 leaders from 68 health care organizations in the metropolitan region to be honored.

The Excellence in Health Care Award recognizes personal leadership who work to improve patient experience, patient safety and quality of care. Honorees are chosen for their accomplishments, vision and their participation in hospital systems, long-term care facilities, home care organizations, independent practice associations and federally qualified health centers throughout the greater New York metropolitan region.

Dr. Bader was nominated for being instrumental in a network-wide OB-GYN Quality Care Initiative. In response to COVID-19, Dr. Bader was essential in partnering with experts in ICU’s and medication therapeutics, as well as hospitalists and chief medical officers network-wide. He helped develop protocols and standardize therapeutic approaches within weeks, communicating early in the pandemic through effective webinars produced three days each week. Currently, he’s focusing on creating a system to provide access to the latest COVID-19 medications and therapeutics.

Dr. Bader joined the Hackensack Meridian Health team in 2019 as Vice President of Medical Quality. Since 2021, he’s worked as the Chief Clinical Officer. In his current role, Dr. Bader works with Physician Enterprise leadership, medical staff presidents and chief medical officers across the network.

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HMH clinical leaders join in honoring Dr. Thomas Bader. Left to Right: Neal Wigod, Dr. Anthony Passannante, Dr. Thomas Bader, Dr. Amy Frieman and Dr. Robert Bayly

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