HMH Maestro

Remote Access

How can I work remotely?

If you have an HMH-issued laptop or other portable devices, please use this device for remote work. If you do not have an HMH-issued laptop or other portable, you can install Citrix on a home computer, laptop or other device. If you already use VMWare on your HMH-issued laptop or on your home device, continue to use it.

What is the minimum operating system and amount of memory my home computer must have?

How do I install Citrix on my home computer?

To access the HMH systems from a non-HMH device, you will first need to install Citrix from CONNECT.HMHN.ORG.

How do I log in remotely from home using either my HMH-issued laptop or my home computer, laptop or device?

To log in remotely from home using either your HMH-issued or home computer, laptop or other device, first ensure that the device is connected to the internet. Once connected, open the Citrix icon or VMWare Horizon View icon. Follow the log in instructions and complete the Duo authentication.


When you log in remotely from an HMH-issued laptop or from your home computer, laptop or device, you will have access to the applications and your screen will look similar to the screen shot below. It will not look like your desktop if you use Citrix. Click on the application you would like to would like to use, such as Epic, PeopleSoft, Outlook, or other Microsoft products. Once you are in the applications, you should be able to access your information and documents as you would on your desktop.

Logging in remotely requires DUO. How do I register for DUO?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires users to verify their identity with their mobile device before logging in. This additional step adds a second layer of security that prevents unauthorized access to your HMH account, even if your password has been compromised. Take a look at our step-by-step guide for enrolling with Duo Security, as well as separate guides for using the app on both iPhone and Android devices.

Should I bring my laptop home every day?

Yes. Since we never know when an event may require you to work from home, it is best practice to bring your laptop home every night.

I haven’t used my HMH-issued laptop recently. Is there anything I need to do?

Turn it on and log in to make sure it has the most recent program updates. Bring it home and test that you are able to connect into the network from your home. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to the Help Desk.