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HMH Recruiting Recovering COVID-19 Patients

HMH is screening the blood of some survivors of COVID-19, using a serum antibody test developed at the Center for Discovery and Innovation.  The intention is to test hundreds of volunteers and identify the patients with the most promising set of antibodies in response to the virus.

What could set HMH apart from similar “convalescent plasma” programs starting up elsewhere is the identification of the best donors with the most antibodies, and infusing a larger amount of plasma, according to Dr. Michele Donato, who is leading the work at John Theurer Cancer Center.

If you, or someone you know, have recovered or are recovering from COVID-19, you may be eligible to donate. Patients can find the survey here.

FAQs on Convalescing Serum Program at HUMC and All Other HMH Hospitals_Physicians_04.22.20

FAQs on Convalescing Serum Program at HUMC and All Other HMH Hospitals_Consumers_04.22.20

Learn about our COVID-19 Universal Database 

Single Patient/Emergency IND Process

We have updated information on the Single Patient/Emergency IND Process.

Clinical Trial Summaries

COVID-19 has reached a new regional resurgence, as of Fall 2020. As such, Hackensack Meridian Health network research leadership will resume internal communications to make our clinical health partners aware of the treatment and trial options to treat this viral infection. Coordinating our knowledge set, and available resources, will benefit everyone.

For further information beyond these updates, please call the COVID 2.0 Hotline at (551) 996-1191, or use the EPIC referral inbox.

Information for Researchers Utilizing External IRBs

Resumption of Research

We are currently in Stage 3 of the Research Resumption Plan. Please click on the most recent link below for more details.

Center for Discovery and Innovation

The Hackensack Meridian Center for Discovery and Innovation has been a major contributor to Hackensack Meridian Health’s research efforts. Despite being less than one year old at the time the pandemic arrived, the CDI’s scientists and staff members, including experts in global infectious diseases, embraced this unprecedented challenge. Their role has been critical in impacting clinical care through development of novel diagnostics, investigations of improved antiviral therapy, and support of numerous clinical trial regimens. CDI scientists are also studying the biology of the virus, and host factors that impact disease progression, among other avenues of inquiry. 

 To find out more, read a COVID-19 research wrap up from Dr. David Perlin, the chief scientific officer and senior vice president of the CDI here