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Maestro App FAQs

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Sending and receiving secure messages

How do I send a secure message?

Click on the “Secure Text” icon > Click on the “Contacts” tab. Here you can search by name, specialty or unit/department. Click on the name of the individual to whom your message will be sent.

What do the red or green dots next to someone’s name mean?

A solid green dot indicates that the person is available on Maestro. A hollow green dot indicates that the person is covered by another user. A red dot indicates that the person is currently unavailable on Maestro. The absence of a dot indicates that the person has not activated their app, and is not available via secure text messaging.

Can I still send a secure text message to someone who does not have a dot next to his or her name?

Yes, you can send a secure text message to someone who is not available for secure text messaging. If the intended recipient’s cell phone number is listed in the app, he or she will receive a regular text message stating that a secure text message is pending and providing instructions for downloading the app and retrieving the message.

A colleague I communicate with daily does not have a green dot next to her name. How do I invite her onto Maestro so we can communicate securely?

Let your colleague know that you would like her to be reachable on the app, and invite her to download and activate the app. 

If you would like to request adding a new user to the application, please visit: to submit a new user request form.

How can I tell if the recipient(s) read my secure message?

Once the recipient reads your message, the word “Read” will appear below the message, along with the date and time the message was read.

How do I receive a “Receipt Confirmation” alert when the recipient has read my message?

Select “Secure Text” from the home screen. Tap the “Pencil” icon. Enter the recipient’s name. Below the name, tap “Receipt Confirmation” and select when you want to be notified.

How do I search for a colleague’s phone number or a department phone number?

There are two ways to search for phone numbers through Maestro:

  • For Colleagues: Click on the “Secure Text” icon. Search for the colleague you wish to call and click on their name. You will then have the option to either call their cell phone (if available) or call their office phone.
  • For Departments: Click the “Telephone Directory” icon. Here you can search for departments within the organization, along with members of the staff.

Are nurses, respiratory therapists, unit secretaries and other non-physicians on Maestro?

We’re rolling out Maestro in phases to ensure a smooth process. Physicians are part of the first phase of the rollout. Additional team members, including nurses, respiratory therapists and unit secretaries, will be deployed on the app in the future.

How do I create a “Group Chat” and send “Group Chat” Messages?

Click the “Secure Text” icon and select “Group Chat” from the lower right. To create a group, click the “plus” sign and select your group’s members. Once your group is selected, click “Done” and enter the name of your new group.

Can I use Maestro to communicate critical test results?

No. While we plan to address this functionality within Maestro in the future, for now you must continue following your existing workflow process for communicating and documenting critical test results. However, you can certainly use Maestro to supplement this process.

Sending Images

How do I take and send photos securely?

If you would like to attach a photo to your secure text message simply click the “Secure Text” icon, tap the “Pencil” icon on the upper right, and enter the recipient’s name. Click the “Paper Clip” on the upper right. You can then either attach a photo from your secure photo album or take a new secure photo.

Creating Groups

How do I create a Group from an existing text message?

Click the “Secure Text” icon and select “Retrieve Past 7 Days History.” Click the name of the first member of your group, then click the three dots at the top right of the screen and select “Add Participants.” All recipients of the previous text will be notified when a new person is added to a previous group.

How do I view group members?

Click the “Secure Text” icon and tap “Group Chat” on the lower right. Your existing groups will be listed here. To view group members, tap the circled “i” located next to the group’s name.

How do I add members to a group?

Click the “Secure Text” icon and tap “Group Chat” on the lower right. Tap the name of the group. Tap the three dots in the upper right and select “Add Participants.” Select the participants you wish to add and hit “Done.”

How do I change the name of a group?

Click the “Secure Text” icon and tap “Group Chat” on the lower right. Click on your desired group. Tap the three dots in the upper right and select “Save/Name Group.” Enter the new group name and hit “OK.”

How do I mute/silence a group chat?

How do I delete a group?

Customizing Your Notifications

How do I customize the audible tones and reminders that alert me to important messages and updates?

Click on the “settings” gear icon at the top of the home screen. Select “Change notifications.” You can then customize how you want Maestro to notify and remind you of specific types of communications (texts, receipt confirmations, alerts, important news updates). You can control the audible tones as well as the number of reminders you receive within a specific time period.

Why don’t I hear a sound alert when I receive a new message?

Your smartphone’s notification style must be properly configured for receiving audible alerts.

  • iPhone: Settings > Notifications > HMH Maestro > Toggle switches should be turned “ON” for “Allow Notifications,” “Sounds” and “Badges.” In addition, be sure to select “Lock Screen,” “Notification Center,” and “Banners.” This ensures that you’ll receive Maestro notifications when your smartphone screen is locked.
  • Android: Settings > Sound.


Controlling Your Personal Settings

How do I forward my secure text messages to someone else when I’m unavailable?

The Maestro app allows you to “Enable Coverage” when you are not available by following the below steps:

  • iPhone: Tap your name at the top of the home screen to access your options. Turn the toggle switch ON next to “Enable Coverage.” Click “Covered by” and select the name of the physician who will be covering you. Then click “Update.” This process forwards your messages, consults and calls to your covering physician.
  • Android: Click the “Gear” icon located at the top left of the app, and then follow the directions for iPhone users, above.

How do I update my cell phone number?

Click on the “settings” gear icon at the top of the home screen. Select “Update Cell Number.”

The following pop-up message will appear: “Change Cell Number? This action will make a call to our server and change your cell number to the one you are making the call from.” Select “OK” to update your cell phone number. Otherwise, select “Cancel.”

How can I hide my cell phone number from other users?

How do I set my status to “Unavailable” or “Do Not Disturb?”

Tap your name at the top of the screen to access your options. Click on “Availability Status.” Select “Do Not Disturb.”

A red dot will appear next to your name. This tells colleagues that you’re away or unable to respond to their messages. They will still be able to text you, but they’ll receive a pop-up message indicating that you may be unable to respond quickly.

You can also select specific time frames when you’ll be unavailable and Maestro will automatically switch your status to unavailable.

To leave a personal message that others can view when you’re unavailable, simply add your message under “Enter your availability status” and click “Update.”

How do I set my status to “Available?”

Tap your name at the top of the screen to access your options. Click on “Availability Status.” Select “Available.” A green dot will appear next to your name. This informs colleagues that you’re ready to receive messages. By default, your status is always set to Available, unless you set it as either “Unavailable” or “Do Not Disturb.”

How do I use Touch ID to log into Maestro?

Click on the “settings” gear icon in the upper left corner of the home screen. Select “Use Touch ID (Finger Print).”

How do I change my location?

If you work at multiple HMH locations, you can easily update Maestro by selecting your current location. Tap “Update” to save the change.

I forgot my personal 4-digit PIN number and can’t access the app; what do I do now?

Contact our support line: (844) 586-4749 or email “Support” at

For how many days will my secure text messages be visible?

Your texts will be visible for seven days, as determined by your organization. To retrieve your messages, click the “Secure Text” icon on the home screen and tap the blue “Retrieve Past 7 Days History” bar. If you need a report containing selected Maestro secure text messages, please contact our support line (844) 586-4749 or email “Support” at

Accessing Technical Support

How do I get help with the Maestro app?

If you require assistance or training on the app, simply click the “Support” icon at the bottom left of the home screen. You can then either choose to send an email or call our support line at (844) 586-4749.

How can I add a colleague to Maestro?

Fill out this form to request access to the Maestro mobile application.